Wisdom Shared, Journeys Celebrated: Hear from Our Community

Jennifer Anderson Customer

Mrs. Eve is the real deal. If you need answers or help in a particular area her expertise and spiritual counsel is invaluable. She has been a mainstay in the community for at least the 15 years that I’ve lived in this area which is why I decided to use her trusted services…..and she’s not going anywhere. You will not be disappointed.

Odete Rodrigues Customer

Mrs.Eve is an honorable spiritual advisor. She has helped me diminish negative energy that surrounded me and cleanse my aura. I am a happier person because of her!

Laura Customer

Mrs. Eve has been in Hightstown for 30 years. She is a good spiritual coach!

Lisa Customer

I've been seeing Mrs. Eve for years. I've used her to help me with business decisions and relationship questions. I highly recommend giving her a call

charmaine mack Customer

Mrs Eve is a good advisor.l have knowing her for almost 40yrs.She has helped in my Darkest Moments.

Fifi J Customer

I liked Mrs Eve as a person, she was warm welcoming and fun. She didn't tell me anything about my future, anything I didn't already know, anything really but general stuff. I didn't give her anything to work with, didn't have any questions, didn't answer anything with details.... she didn't say much about anything for a $50 reading, I got, got. 🤣 I knew before I went in she wasn't going to tell me anything I didn't already know, it was for entertainment. ☺️ She was good at entertaining worth the experience. All psychic aren't equal, there are some really good ones that can tell your past, present, and future.

Kendra daniels Customer

I've been coming to ms eve over 5 years she's very gifted and experienced

Marco Salvador Customer

She has a really powerful reading I recommend her you won’t be disappointed!!!!

deb weise Customer

Wonderful, on the money! Very sweet and answered all my questions

Leanna Customer

I just want to write about Sabrina. First of all, thank you for helping saving my marriage and counseling about life in general. It makes me feel not alone. She made me stronger, more confident, and believe in myself. I have been seeing her for several months and she has done so much for me in this short period of time. Thank You for being with me in this journey.

suzy beth Customer

I have an amazing reading and guidance from Mrs. Eve

Stalin Villa Customer

Went to eve had a great experience

Rich Zerro Customer

Wow amazing and showed she had all the answers.. I had Reading & she told me things about me and that my Family that was so true she gave me advice on some personal issues that came out exactly as she said.. this woman was amazing

Dawn Marcantonio Customer

She was right on the money she gave me positive reading and it was the truth. I will be going back

Paulo Tracanas Customer


joe joes Customer

Very good it was very enlightening told me things that help me out a lot